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About ADF / More About the ADF

A true cross-section of the Aftermarket - Working for the Aftermarket

In 1990 the Motor Factors Association (MFA) changed its structure to allow manufacturers and importers of vehicle parts to become full members and the Automotive Distribution Federation was born. The MFA had originally been formed in 1930. Today motor factors or distributors still form the largest section of the ADF membership. In 2001 the ADF became a Registered Company Limited by Guarantee.

Automotive Distribution Federation Limited List of Directors as of 22nd December 2009.
Tony Sackett President & Chairman of the Board
Quintin Cornforth Immediate Past President
Peter Higgins  
Robin Shaw  
Brian Spratt Secretary and Chief Executive
Richard Stock  
Richard Welland Honorary Treasurer

Members' interests are protected and promoted by the activities of the ADF, with their views and opinions clearly expressed to the various bodies whose activities affect the day to day running of an aftermarket business.

The ADF has regular contact with a wide variety of government departments such as: the Office of Fair Trading (OFT); Competition Commission; the Department for Business and Regulatory Reform (DBERR) (formerly the Dept. of Trade & Industry (DTi); Department for Transport (DfT); Department of Environment, Food and Rural Affairs (DEFRA); UK Intellectual Property Office (formerly the Patents Office); Health & Safety Executive (HSE); Advertising Standards Authority (ASA); and more.

In addition, the media and other opinion formers are kept in touch with the Independent Automotive Aftermarket's opinions.

We also have full representation in Europe through our membership of the International Aftermarket Wholesalers Association FIGIEFA. Through them we have direct access to the European Commission and other international bodies. We also enjoy good relations with our colleagues in the USA, Canada, Australia, South America and South Africa. The ADF provides support to its members in a variety of ways, some of which are described elsewhere on this website. Some services are provided free as part of membership. Others, which are sourced from reputable organisations, allow members to enjoy significant discounts off the normal commercial rates for particular services.

The ADF is not a buying group. We do not take commission on members' sales or purchases, and do not become involved in the negotiation between a motor factor and their supplier. Our work is funded primarily by members' subscriptions. We are, therefore, truly independent - an important point when speaking to government.

Members of the ADF are expected to operate within the rules of its Code of Conduct. This document is reguallry reviewed and updated to reflect the very best in industry practice. The ADF can assist members who experience problems and often act as arbitrator in disputes when requested by both parties.

These tasks have to be done on behalf of those in our section of the automotive industry. There is no other body established, or qualified, to do it. The ADF supports the manufacturers, importers and wholesaler/factors of parts. We also provide our members' customers and motorists gnereally with information, support and, where appropriate, direct representation to resolve problems.

Potential members often see the name of the ADF in articles about the trade, sometimes with the name of particular officials or members quoted. But it appears to outsiders that the ADF is a body, apparently self-sufficient, determining actions by virtue of its existence.  Nothing could be further from the truth. The ADF is its members! Members pay for the ADF's activities through their subscriptions. Members express their views through the members they elect to committees or the ADF council.

Council members represent either Regions, Product Sectors, Specialist Sections (CV & Bodyshop Supplies) and National Independent Factor groups. A true cross-section of the Industry - Working for the Industry.

The small, but efficient permanent staff look after members' affairs on a day to day basis, organise events, publicise members' opinions, and provide an accessible contact point for members' enquiries.

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